Friday, May 1, 2015

Random thoughts

Assalamu'alaikum and hi everyone.

Lately I've been thinking about this two things which is;

1. Business

I'm a 18 y/o girl ( 17 to be exact hihi) , a student and will be pursuing my studies in accounting course. However, I've a lot of interest in business-related job prospect. Straight to the point, my ambition since I was 14 is I wanna be businesswoman and I've told a lot of my friends that I am gonna open a company, one fine day. I will be selling urmmm... health and beauty product which the main ingredient is natural and botanical, so there will be chemical-free. Yep, 100% natural and chemical-free. I will be concentrating on sunnah food like pomegranate, olive, honey. To be short, it is all about sunnah food.


More information, HERE

scary right... Those product mentioned above are popular among us (Malaysians). Suprisingly me, myself are also consuming one of the suplements mentioned. And yeah, Shaklee is an international product.

This issue is quite popular and saya pun dah lawat FB kakak ni. Some sends her positive vibes while some drop her 'hate' comment.

Based on my reading, sebenarnya produk2 yang dihasilkan  di hantar ke kilang yang sama. (tak semua, only some product) Only the packaging, the ingredients ( glucose,sucrose, taste), the brand are not the same. Ada dalam bentuk serbuk/ pati/ liquid. Whatever it is, I noticed most of the health and beauty products nowadays contain Vitamin C, Collagen, anti-oxidance agent ; glutathione , grape seed.

Anyway, I've gained new knowledge bout this so the moral of the story is know what you eat and consume, don't simply eat without thinking the effects (Not referring to her case)

Choose wisely ok.

So what do you think and what's your personal opinion ? :)