Friday, November 20, 2015


I'm feeling very worried right now. :(

May Allah ease everything for me and my family.


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Hadiah menarik guys! Jom join.

Saya try tengok review Rysya Skincare ni dekat google. Cik Ta duta kot oi, mesti la tengok :p Banyak feedback/testimoni positive. Saya ni teenagers, currently not using any skincare/ cosmetics products. Biasa letak cocunut virgin oil je dekat muka. Alhamdulillah jerawat tak selalu naik (walaupun naik jugak sikit sejak masuk kolej ni huhuhuhuhu) 

Actually I'm more to natural products which means I only use chemical-free substance if I want to apply any products on my body parts/ skin. [ I'll elaborate this on another post ]

Sooo, I would like to try this skincare after reading all the reviews on the Internet. Macam best je macam cantik je.
To add up;

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Hadiah dia best guys! : nindia nindia nindia.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Random post

Assalamu'alaikum and hello everyone. How's life treating you? I hope everyone is always in the pink of health. Well this post is nothing much, just me mumbling. Do read if you have a lot of free time. I warn you this post gonna be a long one.

 Ohya, I did notice I've now got three followers. Thank you for following guys! I appreciate it a lot. You know my blog is a very sunyi blog, so bear with it :p

 I'm now on my Semester 1 Break for two weeks, starts from 7/11 till 21/11. Yepp, I hear you! Sekejap je kan T__T So I'll be telling all my activities/events/programmes/experiences during SEM 1 in KMC. One of the most imperishable moments is..
Ahh formal gile. Lupakan. I'm not ready to type all of them for now. You see, it's already 1.30 am. You don't expect me to recall/generate moments/ideas at this hour, aite?

 So let's begin! ...... I've just finished my PSPM 1, which I think is VERY EASY if and only if I study harder. Now I'm regretting myself for being so playful, not focused and take the subjects for granted. Why did I say that?

 This is because for UPS 1, I didn't study a lot and I did last-minute revison but still managed to get 3As and 1B- out of 4 subjects. I'm actually impressed and amazed with myself for getting a good result although I didn't put a lot of effort on it.
MasyaAllah sis, istighfar jangan ujub riak dan takbur.
 And that B- I got is for economy subject while the rest( which is :Pengurusan Perniagaan, Mathematics and Accounting) are all A's. Yeah, No A- at all. Same like what I did in SPM. No A-, just A+ and A and the others are B+. So that's what makes me proud of my achievment despite not getting all As hehehehehe :P
 I know I am not well prepared for PSPM, because there's a few (or can you say many) like up to 3 questions I cannot give the best out of me. THE-BEST-ANSWERS-EVER feeling does not exist in me while doing the examinations, so redha jelah huhuhuhuhuhu ayat sedapkan hati sendiri. And as of now, there's nothing I can do to turn back to those times. #sisredha #sisinsaf

 ***I'm taking accounting course if you guys are wondering what my 'jurusan' is.

 I'm also very grateful that I got kind, cool and pretty roommates. I have to admit that at first it's quite hard to blend in with them. Memula tu semua diam je, tak cakap banyak, bilik pun bapakk sunyi. Sekarang Alhamdulillah things turn out to be very well. We are very close and always spend times together. Not to mention, we have "family-relationship". Maksudnya, ada level/ taraf kakak,adik,mak ikut tarikh birthday. ye memain je but I think that's what making us closer. Faham tak? Looks like penceritaan aku terlalu complicated. huhhuhuu

 I also read back my all posts and there's few grammar mistakes, mostly tenses. Since secondary school, my English teacher had always told me to be extra careful and recheck my tenses because I tend to be careless on tenses. Well if you guys notice any grammar mistakes in any of my writing, just post a comment and correct it. Be a grammar Nazi. I don't mind. Infact, I'll love it when people correcting my mistakes becaue that shows I'm ready to learn anyhting new. Okay? =)

^nampak tak permainan dia, nak orang komen post :p

Juga, I think I'm already into teenagers phase. ( ye aku baru sedar aku dah remaja huhuhu ) sebab..................

 there's this one person whom everytime I meet him my heart will beats faster, my behaviour becomes weird that even my friend can notice it and I can't think properly. Adakah ini cinta? Adakah ini jodoh saya? You know, Anis will always be asking me "tulang rusuk bergetar ke" while Sarah be like "Hey why are you acting weird" EVERYTIME THIS HAPPENS. EVERYTIME.

I don't knowwwwwwwwww. He seems to be very attractive and also menyedapkan hati.

**dik, akak cari calon suami soleh utk korang kayh

 And for the story of this guy who captures my heart, I'll tell more on different blog post. which also will be a long one ;p But I can assure you that for now I'm not into love-relationship. I'm not ready, not commited into this thing as I'm thinking something bigger to achieve. Pray for me! :)

 So for now, I'll enjoy my holiday and live my life to the fullest before reality strikes me or slaps me in the face/future.

Tu je kot. It's almost 2.00 am. Wow this is the longest post I ever written~~ Night peeps :)

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Ainal On Diet 5th Anniversary Giveaway

Ainal On Diet 5th Anniversary Giveaway

Ai Pengedar Sah Shaklee Pulau Pinang

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Ai adalah pengedar sah Shaklee di Pulau Pinang.Bernaung di bawah satu group besar iaitu Euphoria.Ai pengedar sah shaklee di bahagian pulau.Secara tepatnya adalah ai pengedar sah shaklee di Gelugor Pulau pinang.Ai mendaftar sebagai pengedar sah Shaklee pada September 2013.ID Shaklee Ai ialah 988021.Sebagai Pengedar Sah Shaklee,seluruh penduduk di Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak boleh dapatkan vitamin-vitamin Shaklee dari Ai.

Sebagai pengedar sah shaklee yang beralamat di pulau pinang Ai menyediakan perkhidmatan
COD (Cash On Delivery)ke seluruh bahagian pulau.COD(bersyarat) juga dilakukan ke kawasan tanah besar juga bole.Antara syarat COD luar kawasan pulau ialah:

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Bagi pembelian melalui pengedar sah shaklee menerusi online dan ingin menggunakan khidmat poslaju untuk tujuan penghantaran produk Shaklee ke seluruh Malaysia,pelanggan boleh memesan melalui pesanan ringkas whatsapp dengan menghantar details penghantaran yang tepat
seperti,Nama,Alamat dan Nombor Telefon setelah pembayaran dilakukan dan disahkan.Sila pastikan segala info adalah tepat untuk memaastikan barang sampai dengan selamat.
 Perlukan khidmat rundingan dan konsultasi percuma??

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