Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My friend has converted to Islam

Assalamu'alaikum everyone.

After a long time of not posting anything,I'm now back to blogging since I've my finished my spm (and already taken my spm result :p) , I'm quite free so yeah :)

I decided to blog again because I think I've started to lost my writing skills. Yep, that's the dominant reason. Oh yeah, I've changed my blog template back to basic one. Please notice :-p The older one are so girly, childish and perasan. Blogheader tajuk "beautiful me" ? Oh please those-unmatured-phase. T______T
lol that was two years back so forget it k ~__~

So straight to the point,.... I would like to write a post about my Chinese friend (a guy) who has converted into Islam since Mei 2014. Until now, I'm still extremely impressed and (shocked at the same time) because the last time I saw him was a month ago and dia macam biasaa je, macam ala relax la jom bergembira like he doesn't show any changes pun. This is my first time having a friend who converted to Islam so I'm quite speechless. I can't even think of any inspirational words like 'glad you choose Islam as your way of life', 'great job' , 'well done' for the first 15 minutes after knowing it to congratulate him or shows I'm happy with his decision. He converted to Islam without his family members knowing about it but I guess some of his school friend knew it. I just hope may Allah ease everything from him. So if any you have the same experience like me,please leave a comment below so we can share and exchange ideas regarding this matter ;)

Thankyou for reading! :D